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Painters and Allied Trades District Council 36
Apprenticeship Program

The Apprenticeship Program was established to train men and women to
become skilled craftspersons in the Finishing Trades. The Trades
include: Commercial Painting, Industrial Coating, Floorlayers, Drywall
Finishing and Glazing. The skills acquired through the Apprenticeship
Program are transferable anywhere in the United States and Canada under
the Umbrella of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
(IUPAT). All of our programs are registered with both the State of
California and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Our training program is operated by a Joint Apprenticeship Training
Committee (JATC), consisting of representatives from Painter and Allied
Trades District Council 36 and signatory union contractors. The
apprentice will receive training at our JATC training facility, in
addition to on-the-job training with journeymen coworkers or craftsmen.

Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Program you will receive a
California State and Federally recognized completion certificate.
Training centers are located throughout Central and Southern California.

Explore our programs to select your future career
within the Finishing Trades!